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Litigating for the People since 2003

Since 2006, Robert Rutledge has handled cases on behalf of people in need of a strong advocate.  During law school at the University of Georgia, he practiced at the Criminal Defense Clinic for two semesters in 2004 under the Third Year Practice Act and assisted other attorneys at the clinic in 2003.

Mr. Rutledge has handled a multitude of legal issues ranging from city ordinance violations to murder trials.  Throughout representation, he actively investigates and prepares for trial.  At the same time, Mr. Rutledge seeks to put his client in an advantageous position for negotiation.  Many of his criminal cases have been dismissed in negotiation and after successful motions to suppress.  He has handled countless probation revocations.  He has also litigated other issues such as immunity from prosecution, double jeopardy, incompetence to stand trial, the insanity defense, and a writ of prohibition. All this experience leads to confidence in taking cases all the way to trial if necessary.

Mr. Rutledge has appealed many cases to the Court of Appeals of Georgia and obtained some important reversals.  He made oral argument before the Supreme Court of Georgia in a non-capital murder appeal.  Further, he has filed petitions for writs of certiorari in the Supreme Court of Georgia and the Supreme Court of the United States.

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Areas of Practice

Criminal Defense

Mr. Rutledge believes in client-centered representation. Criminal matters can impact clients' finances, employment, reputation, and freedom.  Mr. Rutledge understands the magnitude and the risk of criminal charges and seeks to provide excellent service for clients who have been accused of violating the law.  Mr. Rutledge listens to his clients and advises them about their charges while preparing to defend them zealously and thoroughly at all stages of litigation.


Mr. Rutledge brings more than a decade of intense trial experience to the table as leverage to obtain optimum relief for injured clients. Unintimidated by the courtroom, Mr. Rutledge can communicate issues to jurors and judges clearly and persuasively in favor of his clients to maximize recovery. Prior to trial, such skill in persuading juries to find in favor of his clients leads to a better position to negotiate settlement.


Mr. Rutledge combines procedural knowledge, advocacy, and research- and writing skills to provide strong appellate representation.  Throughout his experience in writing numerous appeals, Mr. Rutledge has utilized the skills he obtained in performing academic work, composing legal articles, and writing successful pretrial motions.  Mr. Rutledge appreciates good writing and knows how to present his clients' appellate issues clearly, efficiently, and persuasively.


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